The Links Between Web Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Your web developer should have a solid grasp on digital marketing. Anyone can build a pretty website these days using Wix or SquareSpace, but why are you building your website? Is it to hang another piece of virtual art in the cavernous gallery that is the World Wide Web?

Or is it to get seen?

The purpose of a website is to show your message, your product or your service to a larger audience.

The best web developers want you to get the largest audience possible. This requires skill and knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The skill of your programmer is linked to SEO now more than ever, because Google started including performance (loading time) as one of it’s key ranking factors. To put it simply: The faster your website loads, the higher up it is in Google’s search results.

If you want a beautiful, interesting website that loads fast enough to get attention, you want to hire a talented computer programmer.

Another reason you want your site to load fast is because you have two seconds to get the average mobile user’s attention before they find something else to do on their phone. If your site isn’t loading on a phone in two seconds after being clicked, you might as well not have it, because-- unless they’re your mom or your best friends-- users don’t have the patience to wait for it. There are too many other companies with huge teams of talented marketers working to grab their attention.

So if you want the maximum return on your investment, hire web designers who understand SEO, understand digital marketing, and can build you a site that loads fast.

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